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With Art-Travels.co.uk you are in full control of your listings at all times. When you log in to your member's area you arrive at your control console. Here you have full access to all your listings and account details.

To add a listing simply complete our on screen form (a matter of filling in the boxes) and hit the create button. A listing is instantly made for you. You can then edit it, add pictures, test it and change its type until you are totally satisfied, all of this happening right in front of you, in real time. At this point only you can see the listing and still with no commitment to pay for it! When you are ready to publish and generate more business you simply choose from the free option or an enhanced listing, enter your credit card details through our secure payment system and hit the go button – it’s as simple as that!

And don’t forget our introductory offer. If you are a new customer to Art-travels we welcome you with three months free advertising. Whatever grade of listing you choose to place with us we will give you free, a further three months. Also, if you are one of our established members, we thank you for your continued support by giving you a further three months free advertising with every new listing you add to your account. However you look at it that’s six months advertising for the price of three!

Great value and sensible prices.

Even after you publish your listing you have full control. You can change the images, edit the text, alter the contact details or change your search criteria. All through your control panel with instant updates to your live advert.

All your accounting is handled automatically for you. If you choose the free option there are no charges. By enhancing your listings you get higher visibility to generate more enquiries. You choose your subscription period and we notify you a couple of weeks before each payment is due. You can have as many adverts as you like, mixing types and subscription periods. We handle all of the paperwork and simply bill you at the appropriate times.

Everything is handled through our totally secure online payment system. Your card details are never stored on our computers and no-one within our company (not even the MD) ever has access to this information.

You can cancel one or all of your listings at any time again through the online control panel (naturally we will honour any advance payments you have made).

Our member's console is designed to be easy to use and gives you total control. We have a full help system to guide you through the processes but if you do get stuck we have real people you can talk to. By either email or telephone we will answer your queries and help you harness the full power of our unique system.