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MyProfile allows you to become your own travel agent, in the comfort of your own home, by keeping all your information safe in one place until you are ready to use it.

By using MyProfile you need never again lose the address of that fabulous looking hotel or forget the telephone number of a great sounding restaurant. Select for yourself the galleries or artists you would like to visit, decide on the accommodation that most suits you and your budget, take a look at some of the other attractions you might like to visit in the U.K. and enter their details into MyProfile. There is no cost and no obligation on your part. MyProfile is your personal reminder of all the U.K. people, places and holiday events that interest you. Create your own MyProfile area and go shopping for your holiday, without spending a single penny.

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Use the art-travels search facility to browse and select some of the various destinations that attract you and click on the P+ symbol that appears on each advertisement to add the details to MyProfile. You can return as often as you wish to review and edit the information until you arrive at your ideal itinerary. Build up a complete list of people to see, places to stay and things to do. Then print it out and take it on holiday with you.




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