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"In 1889 the Administrative County of London was formed from the City of London, and parts of Middlesex, Kent and Surrey and was divided into boroughs. In 1963 this County was replaced by Greater London which also took in the rest of Middlesex and parts of Essex and Herts as well as some county boroughs. New London boroughs were then formed." [T.V.H. FitzHugh, The Dictionary of Genealogy, 1994.]

Craft Market Corner - The Market at your Door
Online Craft Market featuring independent Stalls with a large variety of one-off, personalised and handmade items typically found in UK Craft Fairs and Markets.

31 Briar Close
Middlesex England
- Craft Market Corner - The Market at your Door

Crescent Hotel

58/62 Welldon Crescent
Middlesex England

Fed up with your the way your life is going...

Art-e-World Ltd 7 Binyon Crescent
Middlesex England
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