Art Holiday Travel and Vacation information for Meath

"Meath, a county of Ireland, province of Leinster, bounded N by Cavan, Monaghan, and Louth; E by the Irish Channel and the port of Dublin; S by Kildare; and W by W. Meath, 36 m. long, and 44 1/2 broad. It consists in general of flat pasture land; the soil a rich fertile loam. It is noted for grazing and tillage. Some marshes on the Moynalty river feed an immense number of horses in the summer season; and the Kilcrew hills in the W adjoining Cavan, are remarkable for fattening sheep. The crops commonly cultivated are wheat, oats, barley, clover, flax and potatoes. Principal rivers, the Boyne, the Black Water, the tributary streams of the Nanny, the Rye Water, the Moynalty. Pop. 174,716. Chief town, Trim."
[From The New London Gazetteer (1826)]