Mainly serving a variety of Italian dishes.

'Tricolos' Italian restaurant.
'Tricolos' the original Italian restaurant in Scarborough was founded by the Jaconelli family back in 1978. Tricolos introduced Scarborough people to the authentic Italian cuisine and soon became a firm favourite with the local community and tourists

36-39 Newborough
Yorkshire England
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Villa Italia is situated in the town of York, England, and boasts the finest Italian food in the town. Trading in York for over 11 years, the present owner James Lowe has created one of the best Italian restaurants offering great food and service. York has eight other Italian restaurants, but the best food and service comes from Villa Italia. The chefs produce truly authentic Italian dishes using the finest ingredients, and keep up to date with all the trends and new things in their home land.

69-71 Micklegate
Yorkshire England
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