Art Holiday Travel and Vacation information for Flintshire

"The County of FLINT is 40 Miles in Circumference, contains about 160000 Acres, and is divided into 12 Hundreds in which are 3 Market Towns & only Flint the County Town sends a Member to Parliament; has 28 Parishes & about 3150 Houses. The Air is good but pleasant, somewhat cold by reason of the North Wind. The Soil is not so mountainous as in other parts of Wales, for here are many Valleys and Cornfields, loaden with Wheat, Barley, Pease, Oats, &c. Its cheif commodities are Cattle, Butter, Cheese, Pit-Coal, Lead, Milstones, and Honey, with which they make Metheglin."
[Emanuel Bowen, Britannia Depicta, 1720]