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Richard Baxter, Potter
Richard Baxter is a well known British potter producing highly individual and collectable ceramics. From stylishly functional domestic earthenware pottery to beautifully fluid porcelain bowls and unique ceramic design inspired by waves and strata.
Potters, teachers and students will be inspired by Richard Baxter's unique glaze recipes, and useful tips.

Old Leigh Studios The Old Town
Essex England
Potter, ceramics, Essex, Leigh-on-Sea, pottery, earthernware, Japanese pottery, Loughborough College of Art and Design, David Scott, Martin Smith, Royal College of Art, terracotta, slips and glazes , Richard, Baxter. - Richard Baxter, Potter

Rupert Belfrage, Potter
I make functional pottery, that is aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. I accept commissions and have pleasure in showing you examples of my work within my website. I work from my studio in the Lune valley producing Studio Pottery that reflects the diverse influences from my travels, especially Japanese ceramics.

2 Vicarage Lane
Cumbria England
Lune valley, Japanese ceramics, Millstone Plates, functional pottery, pottery, ceramics,

David Fry Ceramics Studio
David Fry has been working in studio ceramics for over 30 years, and is now one of the UK's leading studio potters, creating unique and collectable pieces of work. He is inspired by the glazes and forms of the early ceramics from China, Japan and Korea. He has spent many years studying and working out recipes for the ancient glazes to which he added his own intuition to increase their depth and beauty, achieving layers of colour.

Blackswan Courtyard 69 Westgate Road Newcastle Arts Centre
Northumberland England
studio ceramics, glaze, glazes, ceramics, colour. - David Fry Ceramics Studio

Angela Evans
Angela Evans has been making her tiles since 1992. Her husband, Richard Wells, joined her in 1997. In 1998, we relocated from London's trendy Hoxton Square to a larger studio in Angela's home town, Brighton, on the south coast of England. We have exhibited at Chelsea Craft Fair, Hatfield House and Hidden Art of Hackney and have been featured on Channel 4's Collectors' Lot.

Unit 3, Level 5(north) New England House New England Street
Sussex England
tile, tiles, Chelsea Craft Fair, Collectors' Lot, Richard Wells, Brighton, glaze, handmade - Angela Evans

Lorna Bailey
Lorna Bailey was born on 10th February 1978, the daughter of Lionel and Jennifer Bailey and sister of Warren. She was brought up in Dimsdale View East, Porthill, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. She has lived throughout her life in and around the Wolstanton area of Newcastle-under-Lyme and it is this area from which the majority of the names for her designs are taken.

Top Bridge Works Trubshaw Cross Burslem
Staffordshire England
Pottery, - Lorna Bailey

David Cleverley Ceramics
Welcome to David Cleverly at the Haytown Pottery. We make colourful, sculptural, desirable? ceramics in a small country workshop. We also make handthrown, decorative, usable: teapots, jugs, vases etc.

Haytown Pottery Haytown
Devon England
pottery, workshop, handthrown, teapots, jugs, vases - David Cleverley Ceramics

Peter Hayes Contemporary Ceramics
After traveling and working in Africa, India, Japan and Korea for almost 10 years, Peter Hayes arrived back in England in 1982 and converted a toll house into a studio on the banks of the river Avon in Bath. He has developed his thoughts and ideas using many of the techniques and methods learnt on his travels.

2 Cleveland Bridge
Somerset England
Pottery, ceramics.

Nick Caiger-Smith Lustre Ceramics
Nick grew up in and around his father's workshops in the village of Aldermaston, Berkshire, fifty miles west of London. His father, Alan, gave him some early instruction in throwing on the potter's wheel.
School, university, a corporate career and a family then took up his energies until 1997, when he began making ceramics professionally.

The Ridings New Road Hill Midgham Green
Berkshire England
lustre, pottery, ceramics - Nick Caiger-Smith Lustre Ceramics

Blackhills Pottery
Pottery made at Blackhills, near Elgin, in the North of Scotland, fired in a 64 cubic foot wood-fired kiln. Pots in exposed parts of the kiln show the effects of fly ash landing on unglazed surfaces (known as flashing); for this reason, many of them are left unglazed or part-glazed. The glazes used on the pots are usually simple mixtures of locally dug clay, vegetable ash and feldspar.

Blackhills Pottery
Moray (formerly Elginshire) Scotland
Blackhills, glaze, wood fired, temmoku, porcelain, John Christie - Blackhills Pottery

Teena Gould
Sculptural forms and vessels, hand built in ceramic, with highly textured, distressed organic surface. Influenced by the dynamic meeting of the sea and rock structures. Residencies and public art projects working collaboratively with schools and communities. Ceramic sculptures, murals and mosaics for public and community spaces; indoor and outdoor; sharing design, making, construction and installation.

Aeronfa Llangrannog Llandysul
Carmarthenshire Wales

David Hewitt Pottery

7 Fairfield Road Caerleon
Pembrokeshire Wales

Touche Contemporary Art
Contemporary gallery showing both local and national artists. Paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, glass and jewellery. Changing exhibitions as well as regular featured artists. High quality, innovative works at affordable prices.

1 John Street
Gloucestershire England
art, stroud, paintings, ceramics, jewellery, glass, gallery, cotswolds,